An Office Girl during the Day, a Party Girl at Night!

Hectic schedule, meetings here and there, deadlines, all of these make up your day as an office worker. So how would you squeeze in planning for your style for the party after office?

Be party ready! Transition from office outfit to a party outfit is not that difficult. Be as trendy looking for your party in just making some switches from your office outfit!

For the dress, choose a piece which will transform your look from a smart office girl to a trendy party girl. A black dress is a versatile piece you can pick. Aside from being elegant with the color black, since it is just a simple piece, you may want to layer it with something more appropriate for your office outfit. A blazer or a knitted cardigan would be fine; then reveal that sexy silhouette later at the party.

Accessories will definitely help you in that transformation. Wearing of statement necklaces is one. The glittery and bold jewels will make your look more appropriate for that night out. Statement necklaces vary from different colors and shapes that will definitely add glamour to that office-party dress you choose. Statement rings and bold bangles will also give you that fabulous look.

Your pair of shoes is likewise a necessity for that transformation. If you opt to choose wearing flats during your day office work, you may choose wearing stunning heels for your party. Sometimes, those killer heels could make or break your party look.  It will add texture and feels on your party look. It can also affect your confidence as you walk around and meet new friends and would give them the impression of you being confident and fabulous.

Next time you want to party after your work, no need to worry on how to look more fashionable!