Back to School Hair Styles for Teenage Girls

Time sure does fly so is really amazing to see that how spring break is almost over and summer is actually around the corner – which means that it is almost time to go back to school with a new fresh and summery look. The best thing about spring is that you actually get to try different hair styles as you don’t have to wear a beanie or a cap anymore. Here are some easy yet great hair style ideas for you to wow your friends this summer.

  • The Pixie CutCute Hairstyles for School

The Pixie cut is my all-time favorite for teenage girls. It does not give the girls quite a mysterious look but you can actually manage your hair really well. If you love short hair then get yourself a pixie cut and enjoy the feel of the summery breeze against your skin. For maintaining this hair style, all you need to do is blow dry your hair after washing them. The best thing is that you can actually do it easily even if you are short on time.

  • The Fishtail

If you have got beautiful and luscious long hair, then you should definitely go back to school with a fishtail. Fishtails are not only in trend nowadays, but they give your hair a sophisticated look. Just make your braid and tie your braid with a delicate band to give it a nice finishing.

  • Layers

If there is one trend which is going to be super-hot this super, it is of getting your hair layered. Whether you have got long or short hair, you can easily get your locks cut into layers and blow dry them whenever it is time to go out or hit a party. You can even give yourself a really chic look by ironing them straight, if the length of your hair is short. If you have got long hair, then you can loosely curl them and let them fall on your shoulders.

  • Micro Braid Head Band

Micro braid head bands are never out of fashion and probably they never will be. All you need to do is make a delicate braid on one side of your hair and wrap it around your head. You can use small bobby pins for securing the braid and giving yourself a neat and tidy yet a trendy look.

  • Shaggy Cut

Shaggy cut is not only back in trend but it looks super-hot on teenage girls. Shaggy cut is a bit different than layering as its layers are pointed and edgy. If you are blessed with naturally straight, easy-to-maintain hair, then getting this hairstyle should definitely be on the top of your list.

  • Ombre

Getting your hair dyed in ombre is the hottest trend of the year. In this hair style you dye your hair in two different shades. It is better to go to a professional for getting this look.Hairstyles-Girls