Every drop Beauty + Lip Spatula Combo, Get Hard to Reach Beauty and Lip Products Out of Bottle, Washable and Reusable, 1 Beauty Spatula and 1 Lip Spatula

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Product Description

Every Drop Beauty LogoEvery Drop Beauty Logo

Close up of the Every Drop Beauty + Lip Spatula Combo packClose up of the Every Drop Beauty + Lip Spatula Combo pack

Every drop beauty helps you reduce wasteEvery drop beauty helps you reduce waste

Reduce Waste

Retrieve your valuable serums, moisturizers, or foundations rather than having them dumped into our land and water. Not to mention, the Every drop Beauty spatula will help you save money by enabling you to use all of your product.


Easy to clean

Travel kit ready

Works with most bottles

The Original Beauty Spatula + Lip Spatula

The Every drop Beauty Spatula + Lip Spatula are essential cosmetic tools needed In every bathroom. The unique design of the spatulas can be inserted into beauty product bottles to reach hard to access areas, scooping out remaining and expensive product.

Every drop’s silicon tip does not absorb like cotton swabs so it has multiple functionality since you can also use it as an applicator. These beauty tools are totally reusable after a quick rinse with room temperature soapy water.

For use with:

Anti-Aging Creams



Tanning Products

Mineral Makeup

Hair Treatments

Lip Products

Every Drop Beauty Spatula being used as an applicator

Every Drop Beauty Spatula being used as an applicator

Person using Every Drop Lip Spatula to retrieve product

Person using Every Drop Lip Spatula to retrieve product

Every Drop Beauty Spatula in a travel bag

Every Drop Beauty Spatula in a travel bag

Use as an Applicator

Fingertips can transmit contaminants into your product and onto your skin, while cotton swabs absorb product and can be wasteful. Using the Every drop Beauty Spatulas as an applicator minimizes waste, and keep your creams, lotions, and balms clear of contaminants. Easy to clean and reuse over and over again.

Reach Trapped Product

The near 8-inch handle of the Beauty Spatula and the 5-inch handle of the Lip Spatula makes it easy for users to reach the bottom of tall and short bottles alike. The handle is bendable to help retrieve trapped product on sides of the bottle and the unique head shape easily reaches under the shoulders of the bottle. Gone are the days of throwing away weeks and weeks worth of product.

Take on the Go

Cosmetics always seem to run out at the times when you least expect it; while getting ready, business trips, vacations, etc. If you take Every drop Beauty Spatulas with you, you won’t have to fret about rushing to a nearby store to purchase your favorite name brand make-up. Simply swab your bottle or lip product tube with the Beauty Spatula and you’ll retrieve weeks of remaining product.

Spatulas Included



Beauty & Lip


Good for

Make-Up, Creams, Serums

Make-Up, Creams, Serums

Make-Up, Creams, Serums, Lip Products

REACH EVERY LAST DROP – The 8-inch handles enable you to reach the bottom of tall and short beauty product bottles. It is also bendable to reach the sides of the bottle and retrieve trapped product under the bottles’ shoulders. No other product can do this.
USE AS AN APPLICATOR – Instead of wasting product on your fingertips, cotton swabs, or make up sponges you can apply creams and make up with the Beauty Spatula. By using the Beauty or Lip Spatulas, it also prevents contaminants on fingertips from transferring to your face and from entering your beauty container.
TAKE ON THE GO – Helps prevent from running out of your branded cosmetics and beauty products while on business travel or vacation. Hotels do not carry your favorite branded cosmetics so bring along Every drop Beauty Spatula to retrieved trapped product instead of running out of product. Fits nicely in travel bags.
TWO DESIGNS FOR MULTIPLE USES – The Beauty Spatula can be used with with facial creams, serums, foundations, moisturizers, tanning products, make-up, hair treatments, and more. The Lip Spatula can be used in lipstick bases, lip gloss containers, lip balm containers, chapstick tubes, and more.

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