Fashion Inspirations for 20-year Olds

Being in your 20’s can be exciting and somewhat overwhelming as well. You are officially out of your teens, and considered as a grown up. You are no more in high school and probably on your way to pursuing a college degree. With so many changes, it is ideal to bring about a change in your fashion style as well. If you are confuse regarding what to wear, then here is a detailed guide for you:

  • Go for Comfy but Classic:

Say good bye to all your Justin Beiber and Elmo tees. You are officially in your 20’s and your sense of style should be a more version of a casual but a classier you. Go for the fabric which actually accentuates your style and makes you look elegant and sex at the same time. While in college, ditch all those ripped jeans of yours and go for more sophisticated boot cut and darker colors. If you like to be funky then experiment with different flowery prints which are in this season along with a variety of accessories.

  • Window Shop

If you really want to be in the league of the hottest 20-year olds, then the key lies in window shopping a lot before you head out for actually purchasing an item. Go to top class stores as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren and discover the latest trends which are going on. Probably the same colors and styles are available with local designers and Walmart, so you can actually save yourself some money while remaining in style. This is why window shopping is so important.

  • Follow Style Blogs

There are some great blogs on the internet which especially target the younger lot on how they should dress up as well as age appropriate fashion trends. The awesome thing is that those blogs are actually run by 20-year olds so they know clearly the style of clothing which their age fellows want. You can follow those blogs for some great inspiration and maybe come up with some sexy style of your own.

  • Don’t Copy Others

A big mistake any young girl can commit is to copy others. Remember that you have your own unique style and whatever you wear should be something that looks good on you. It is not definite that the funky skirt which your friend was wearing the other day would look as good on you. If you are into pastel colors, then experiment with them only.

  • Invest in Good Shoes

Always remember that shoes are the best part of your whole outlook. They can either make or break your overall appearance. You should invest in good and stylish shoes in different colors. Have a variety of wedge heels, stilettos as well as flats. Always make it a point to purchase from sales to save some money as well.

  • Accessorize

It is ideal to always buy yourself some good accessories wherever you go. You should have a good collection of few belts, good necklaces, bracelets and earrings with you to mix and match with the dress you are wearing.