Going to be A Mother? Try new styles Out


For starters congratulations on expecting. It Is a beautiful feeling to hold a baby in your womb. But just because you are expecting does not mean you have lost the right to look beautiful. Don’t feel stressed when thinking of what can you wear with a large tummy? Today I’m going to give you a few ideas how to look beautiful in spite of, or rather even as you are expecting.


Maxi Dress


The basic concept of the maxi dress is the high empire waist. A long Maxi Dress will go a long way towards hiding the baby bump and drawing attention away from it. After all the main  objective of an expecting mother is to try and create the illusion of length to hide or distract from the baby bump.

The high empire waist is another way to create this illusion. Baby bumps are distinguished from just plain belly fat by the fact that the baby bump tends to rise higher. So the empire waist will be widest at the point where the bump is hiding it even more.


Maternal Short Dress


The other alternative is to go the opposite way. The maxi dress is long, long enough to reach the heels or at least below the knees. The maternal short dress takes the opposite tact. It is short exposing the legs and giving those legs the illusion of length. By making the legs look longer, and of course giving the baby bump a wide space, the short dress acts to balance the body and disguise the baby bump somewhat.


Maternal Pantsuit


The maternal pantsuit combines the features of the short dress and long dress. As a pant suit it can be designed to give the illusion of length for the legs by making the pants part form fitting. At the same time it has a maxi-dress style up top to hide the baby bump. Basically this is the safest option since it protects modesty while doing its best to hide that you are expecting.