Hipster Glasses, They’re cool but they’re not

The Hipster Look has long been with us. Most people don’t really care to adopt all the prescriptions or try to look like the Hipster guy on 9-gag. That would be too mainstream or trying hard according to my legit hipster friends. But one piece of hipster fashion that does catch on is the hipster shades.

Hipster shades, if you want to be super accurate, refer to glasses that have no glass or plastic where the glass should be. Although the definition can be expanded to include legit glasses but the glasses have no ‘grade’ or the gradient lens use to adjust eyesight. In other words Hipster glasses are fake!

Well not quite they are fashionable rather than functional, at least depending on what you view is functional. They do not perform the function of ordinary glasses. Glasses are designed to help the person see better because their eye sight is poor. This is what I mean by function. So ‘glasses’ with no glass, plastic glass or no lens don’t perform that function.

The function they do perform is SYTLE! Glasses tend to create an illusion. It distracts from other facial features such as a round face, skin blemishes or other features that the person wants to de-emphasize. Instead people who wear such glasses want to look hip and want their friends to focus on the glasses.

In most cases it works. Usually the wear picks a frame that contrasts with the skin type so that the frame and the glasses stand out when worn on their face. The net result is that people look at the glasses and it even becomes a conversation piece for the people who wear them.

So go ahead and try it on. It’s the one piece hipster fashion you prolly won’t get too much grief about.