Kimono Tops, Fresh Fashion Is In

The traditional kimono is about as old school as it gets. Kimonos are the traditional female outfit of Japan. The really high class kimonos were made of pure silk. Less expensive versions had cotton or other fabrics mixed with the silk or even entirely silk free. Modern kimonos use less expensive but equally luxurious fabrics to give the impression of style and beauty.

Thing is, Kimonos are like bathrobes in that they open in front. They typically come with a sash or stole that will wrap around the waist. They extend from the collar all the way to the heels. Traditional kimonos are tight and restrict movement. They look really nice and classy but they are hardly everyday modern wear.

As a compromise there are now kimono tops. They are made from the same fabrics and in the same style as kimonos but are usually only up to the waist or maybe a short length below. Most kimono tops are designed to close like a robe but others are too narrow to close.

Oh I forgot to mention that one of the reasons kimono fabrics were so prized is in addition being made of silk or some other glossy fabric they were intricately woven and designed with truly amazing patterns. The fabric alone is a work of art in its own right.

Since the kimono fabric is light and airy it dries fast. One use for kimono tops is as a ‘cover-up’ to wear on top of swim wear so that the wearer can sport a daring bikini in the pool but wear something to protect her modesty out of it.

Kimono tops are cool, breezy and stylish. Today’s fashionable woman wears them over their primary top to produce a layering effect. Usually a plain top plus the flashy fabric of kimono top works best.