Meet the Girl in a Glass Shoe- Lily James

Everyone is familiar with Cinderella. How she looks like when singing, walking, and talking. But have you ever fantasize someone that would fit to act as Cinderella? A theater actress perhaps or so popular celebrity? If yes, then we represent you the newest Cinderella Lily James.

Lily James is the newest Cinderella in town. She is 25 years old from Esher, United Kingdom and has a background in Music & Drama. She is an award winning actress and very popular with her role as Lady Rose MacClare in Downtown Abbey. This is only a short glimpse of her biography. But what we are exciting to know, is how she become the most favorite icon in fashion and cinema.

As a matter-of-fact, she tried to audition for the ugly sisters but the casting director handed her the main role. After six times of going through audacious auditions, she had the role at the end. Her life is like a fairytale, just as Cinderella is. Her great father Thomson died seven years ago of cancer and she’s been grieving for more years. But now, a big break has come that you can’t ever imagine though. It’s like a fairytale come true.

Apart from being so lucky, she is also the most favorite model of famous designers such as Chloe, Louboutin and Armani.

In a certain interview, a reporter asks her, if she will always be glamorous at all times. She answered with a smile and said, of course not. I am in fact, fond of bright colors when I was at a very young age. Just like every kid around that wearing neon, stripy tights.

Then followed with another question, do you have a stylist that you work with? Yes, I have. She gets anything for me and then we are going to compromise at the end. But right now, I feel so lucky to meet great designers because I get to try on their apparels and it changes my style over the past years, as she ended the conversation with charm smile on her face.