Red Hair! We Have Got All Covered

Dying your hair red can be a really daunting task, but who doesn’t love a redhead! It is a proven fact that women with red hair receive more oohs and aahs from the opposite sex as compared to those with a different one. Red hair definitely gives you a fresher and an elegant look. But, there is one dilemma which every redhead with natural or dyed hair has to face – red color tends to fade away quite quickly and you really need to take a lot of care of them. The good thing is that we have compiled a list of methods by following which you can retain the brightness of your hair and keep them away from fading.

  • Go for an Excellent Brand

If you are someone who is or has already dyed her hair read, then it is really important to use the best quality hair dye available. A good hair color is indeed an awesome investment which you actually make for not just the coloring of your hair but also for giving yourself an overall awesome look. An excellent dye also bleeds less as compared to a normal one and you don’t actually have any need of retouching your hair on a continuing basis.

  • Be Careful While Washing Your Hair

Once you have dyed your hair, it is important not to wash them for at least 24 hours. This is an extremely important step as it takes a hair color almost a day to actually set in with your hair.

  • Don’t Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Whether your hair is dyed or naturally red, it is a big no-no to wash them with hot water. Hot water is known to have a negative impact on hair as it not only deprives them of their coloration but also essential nutrients and natural oils. Instead wash your hair with cool water and increase the life span of your hair color.

  • Go For Good Quality Hair Products

If you really want your hair color to last and look more beautiful than ever, then it is really important that you should use high quality hair products including shampoo and conditioner. If your hairs are dyed then you should go for a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair to make sure that your hair color has a long life.

  • Spray A UV Hair Color Defense While Going Out

Exposing your hair to direct sunlight is a main cause of their color getting faded so quickly. If you really want to protect your luscious mane of red hair, then you should apply a UA Hair Color Defense spray before going out into the sun.

  • Try A Root Concealer

If your hairs have started to turn grey from the roots, then instead of going to a salon and getting them dyed, get yourself a root concealer and spray it on your white hair. Root concealers are available in many different colors, so make sure that you purchase the one marked as red.