The Dress that Took Thousands of Peoples’ Interest

It’s so funny that over thousands of people are interested over the color of this dress. Celebrities, business line individuals, and curious people who happen to choose their sides, whether they are on Team Black and Blue or Team Gold and White. Actually, it is very tricky though, but obviously, it’s the illusion of light. The color changes depend on the kind of gadgets you have, I guess. Some are seeing them in Blue and Black in Iphones, Ipads, and other high-resolution gadgets. While the other are seeing them in Gold and White in Samsung and other Androids. This is only based on my actual views at different gadgets, but it’s not actually proven.

As we go deeper, we learn that there is an optical illusion. We are seeing objects on what we want to see and not what really is. Actually, it has something to do with our neocortex. Neocortex is part of the brain. It’s responsible for the “sensory perception, reasoning power, locomotors, and conscious thoughts” (Swenson). This neocortex is divided into various cortices. And one of these is the visual cortex, the primary responsible for recognition of color.  This would be the explanation if we look at the Science version, but it’s not viable for everyone. They think it’s bizarre and mysterious, but we have to find the original bearer.

Actually, Ms Coleman – a model and former Ms. England, first wears the dress but  it’s actually blue and black complements, which is originally sold at £50 in Roman Originals’ website. She is not aware that this dress is like a hot pancake on the website. Suddenly, her friend messages her, with picture of her wearing that dress and the different color posted at instragram. According to Ms. Coleman, it’s a little weird because it looks different at a first glance because it’s gold and white although the style is exactly the same, but later on turns blue and black.

How about you, Are you in Team Blue and Black or Team Gold and White?