Turn Your Yoga Pants into Fashion Statement

Yoga pants or stretch pants are a must have when you go “ohm”. However those spandex-laced beauties are for more than just the yoga mat. Many people find their comfort so irresistible that they wear it as everyday wear. So much so that some schools have banned yoga pants or insisted that they must be worn under skirts, shorts or other clothing.


Now first of all, what makes them so good to wear anyway? Well it’s the fabric. Spandex and polyester are mixed with cotton to provide the ultimate in flexibility, stretch and elasticity. As a result the yoga pants will literally hug your figure. It will expand in the places where you want it to like when you are putting it on. Then it will constrict again like some sort of body glove.


The result is form fitting wear that sticks to you like a second skin. This is very convenient for yoga, gym and other activities where movement and stretching is very important. Unlike skirts or other types of pants and shorts which tend to constrict movement yoga pants do not. In fact the name yoga pants comes from the fact that the stretch pants allows the wearer to assume the many complex poses in yoga without restriction of movement.


Aside from function yoga pants have another surprisingly useful attribute. Because they are form fitting. They beat skinny jeans when it comes to showing off a person’s curves. So many women who want to look beautiful are sorely tempted to wear them and only them.


Even better they tend to hide certain blemishes like freckles, leg dimples, or unshaved hair because them in a sheer fabric. Despite covering these ‘defects’ yoga pants are still form fitting and show off the curves of a woman’s body.