Celebrities With The Unique Body Parts


Everyone in the world is born with their own little traits. After all, our variances are what make us unique, maybe you’re known for having specific beauty marks, birth marks or some other physical characteristic that goes ignored most of the time, but it doesn’t change the detail that they are a part of you.

While we might picture superstars as being in the spotlight and it is interesting to identify that some of these very popular celebrities have some pretty unique body parts that challenge the norm. In a sense, it makes us average Joe’s feel like it isn’t a big deal to have strange little traits of our own once we recognize that these stars have them too.

Unfortunately, many people compare themselves to these celebrities and take ease in knowing that they’re not the only ones to have somewhat “odd” about them. So let’s take an instant to look at some of these celebrities and their “weird” body parts.


Padma Lakshmi – Scarred Arm

She has been popular in various domains. Author, model, host, actress, you name it. Once you’re in the attention, though, it’s problematic to hide things considering you are constantly being snapped. The large scar on her outer right arm is a consequence of a terrible car accident that totally shattered her upper arm.



Ashton Kutcher – Webbed Feet

Ashton Kutcher is recognized as one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. The former ’70s Show star often portrays a very silly character, with the special serious role in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies. Fortunately, Kutcher has a fantastic sense of humor and has pliable discussed the fact that he has connected toes, also known as webbed feet.



Megan Fox – Clubbed Thumbs

Though she may be a little less in the attention these days, there was a time when we were all slobbering over the very beautiful Megan Fox. After featuring in Transformers, playing the very sexy Mikaela Banes, spectators left the movie thinking one thing…she’s perfect. Well, no one is perfect including the spectacular actress. Fox was born with the clubbed thumbs and has openly spoken about it. Actually, Megan’s “toe thumbs” don’t really interfere with her daily life anyway.



Karolina Kurkova – No Belly Button

This one comes as a shock to many people. The VS model experienced surgery as a child due to an umbilical hernia. Sounds pretty painful, to begin with. So no, it isn’t because her body couldn’t decide between an “innie” and an “outie.” She simply had a medical method done. Besides the fact that it doesn’t look like your normal abdomen, I think we can all agree that her beauty supersedes that factor, 100%.



Kate Bosworth – Different eye colors

Though this physical trait isn’t quite as shocking as a missing belly button, it still isn’t seen all that often. Recognized for her leading roles in movies Blue Crush and Superman Returns, Bosworth has always been identified for her cuteness and natural beauty. Fine, this beauty was born with a condition recognized as heterochromia, which is simply a condition that is produced by a difference in melanin in both eyes. Additional stars with different eye colors include Mila Kunis, Henry Cavill, and rock star David Bowie. Happily, this condition hasn’t made much of an alteration in Bosworth’s life as it is actually deemed attractive to some. Kate is presently finishing up work on several films set to be out this year.


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