Charlotte Tilbury Lip Luster Luxe Color-Lasting Lip Lacquers reviews


They are high shine lip glosses that have a nice plane finish with medium pigment. They cost just $22 each. With lip luster, everyone gets to join the Faultless Lip Club! The shopkeepers will always use lip gloss on their clients, no matter their age, to generate the anti-age optical illusion of fuller lips. LIP LUSTRE is a super luxe, high-gloss polish that gives your lips a brilliant mirror shine finish, generating the illusion of a 3-dimensional, voluptuous pout. Put on this pure, unadulterated color in an XXL creamy texture to your entire lips to plump, boost as well as the coat for an enviable pout to lust after.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Luster Luxe Color-Lasting Lip Lacquers reviews

The Lip Lusters accumulated include:

Blondie which is a sparkling champagne pink

Sweet Stiletto which is a warm average pink

Seduction is a flawless nude beige cream

High Society is a pink rose with a suggestion of mauve

The creamy-vinyl texture is supplemented with Lotus Flower extract, an antioxidant that defends, hydrates and soothes lips for a stunning, perfect and lacquered finish.

The color stays in its place for 6 hours deprived of transfer.

Fill 3.5ml

Non-sticky texture.

Carton Dimensions (mm) 18 x 18 x 117

Ibiza Nights is a glittering gold beige with tiny flecks of glitter

They are all actually lovely colors. The ones most people opted for were, of course, the natural shades. They find they have sufficient pigment to show up on the lips alone, but they really like these layered over their lip liner or lipsticks. Blondie is very much favorite, followed by the Ibiza Nights which has the prettiest sparkle. It has a minute bit of glitter but it’s not in-your-face glitzy and has an actually smooth texture. Seduction is the nude perfection, as well as Sweet Stiletto, is a nice warmer pink. High Society is sheerer but it is layer-able. It’s a nice deeper mauve but some customers prefer this one over a lip liner.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Luster Luxe Color-Lasting Lip Lacquers reviews

Lip swatches of the three newer:

The customer was overall really pleased with the glosses. She thinks the neutrals are well executed and have sufficient pigment to show up on the lips. The texture is nice as well as slightly sticky to adhere well to the lips, but they aren’t sticky and feel smooth. In terms of cologne, there is a very subtle hint of vanilla but it disappears after a few minutes.

Huge thumbs up and it is highly recommended to check out Blondie. Do note that these appear to have been extremely popular, websites list contain some shades on back order multiple times, and you may have to shop around if you need more than one color.


Charlotte Tilbury Lip Luster Luxe Color-Lasting Lip Lacquers reviews

Application tips

Swing over your lips for a 3-dimensional mirror shine, generating the illusion of fullness.

For the day, rogue your lip shape using my LIP CHEAT Lip Liner in the PINK VENUS, then glide the lacquer over your lips

For an amped-up dusk look, apply LIP CHEAT Lip Liner, and layer the polish on top of the complementing kissing lipstick in perfect. Load it up for full-on juicy glamor

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