Have you ever noticed people who look elegant even though they are pear shaped? What exactly do they do in order to look stunning and draw attention of many others? Why don’t we look as gorgeous as they do? These are some of the questions which never let us have peace. Here, we have decided to share dresses for different shapes of the body.

Pear body shape

Anyone can have this shape but what exactly is a pear shaped body? It is when your bottom is heavier than top. In such figure, frock and gowns suit the best. Wearing anything which is loose and not too tight can hide your shape.

Spoon body shape

It is somewhat like an hourglass shape but it is not exactly that way. Spoon body shape is just like spoon, upper body is more emphasized than the lower side. What you should wear if you have this sort of figure? Boat necks, something which shows off your shoulder would look lovely. Wearing straight pants, miniskirts and even long ones will compliment your body shape.

Hourglass body shape

This is a dream body shape and all of us being a woman wants to have it. it defines your waist perfectly and gives you room to dress anyway you want. Wearing belts with long shirts, short dresses and those pajamas and T-s would look gorgeous on your body.

Straight body shape

The only difference between hourglass and straight body shape is in waist. Hourglass figure has a defined waistline which is not very sharp in straight ones. For this specific shape of the body, long tube sort of dresses go best.

Oval body shape

This body shape is oval which means it is heavy from upper portion, has no defined waistline, weighty thighs and buttocks. What suits for such shape is bubble skirts, long flair bottoms with tops which are wrapped around your body.

We have mentioned some basic dresses for different sizes of the body. Hopefully it will give you some idea on how to dress yourself.