Flower By Drew Barrymore Shine Review


Flower Beauty Shine on Lip Gloss is a creamy, rich as well as smooth gloss. This rich, non-sticky formula preserves lips soft and hydrated whereas delivering luminous color and shine. Sheer, buildable color slithers on with a plush doe-foot applicator. Affection to the way you look in ten shades: What a Dai-sy!, Lovely Lotus, Baby’s Breath, Iris I Could Fly, Pretty-in-Petunia, Hibis-kiss, Plum Pansy, My Little Buttercup, Come What Mayflower, Nude Nectar, Zen Zinnia. There are ten shades in the Shine on Lip Gloss range.

Flower by Drew Barrymore shine review

Flower Shine on Lip Gloss:


Medium buildable coverage


Long wear

Flower Shine on Lip Gloss is a creamy, rich as well as smooth gloss that delivers pillow-like softness on lips.

Texture and consistency: This is a very thin gloss that feels smooth on the lips (no persistent feeling). It has a very slight tackiness to it, but I wouldn’t reflect it sticky.

Finish as well as pigmentation: The shade Hibis-Kiss is a crème (no shimmer or else sparkle), and I would consider it a hybrid, falling someplace between sheer and milky (it’s a little bit of both). The pigmentation is precise as promised on the website: “medium buildable coverage.” It’s not a barely-there color by any means, but it’s also not luxuriantly pigmented. You can certainly build for more color or else wear a light application for only a hint of color.

Staying power: As with the most glosses I own, staying power is not planetary. I can acquire, at the most, two hours of wear from this gloss (one hour if I am drinking a lot of water, etc.).

Moisturization: I don’t discover this formula to be super hydrating, but I also don’t find that it leaves my lips feeling thirsty after it wears off. I would say it is attractive standard.

Fragrance and flavor: This gloss has a very strong fragrance to it and to my nose it odors like straight up roses. The flavor tastes like the rosewater and I would say the flavor is medium-strong. Both the flavor as well as fragrance dissipate quite a bit after around ten minutes of wear.

Flower by Drew Barrymore shine review

FINAL VERDICT: For me, the actual selling point here is the color. I discover it quite wearable as well as perfect for springtime. I love the circumstance that you get buildable pigmentation, and I think the somewhat sheer, slightly milky finish is a nice departure from your standard shimmery drugstore lipgloss. I feel a bit more “sophisticated” when I wear this gloss and for that purpose, I enjoy it to a certain extent a bit. Sure, it doesn’t have abundant staying power and the rose scent and flavor could be a minute strong for some of you, but it’s an attractive color and it’s not a super tacky gloss, which is much appreciated. I will certainly continue to wear this shade, but I’m not sure if I really want or need another (I just adore this color so much that I’m frightened other shades might disappoint me!).

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