GOSH Sea Buckthorn Lip Oil Review


GOSH, Lip Oil nourishes, pacifiers and keep lips protected and hydrated – however adding a clue of color as well as shine. Features Container with the applicator brush Benefits Non-sticky, lightweight texture that promptly melts into the lips and feels very contented. Warnings or else Restrictions No warnings

There are four diverse shades available but however, they look bright in the tube when applied the tint is so pure they add hardly any color to my lips. The alteration is in the scent as well as taste.  The oils are mineral oil free, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly with the ingredients including safe synthetics together with argan, macadamia, moringa, sea buckthorn as well as raspberry seed oils. All sounds super nurturing so my lips were shouting come to mama.

GOSH Sea Buckthorn Lip Oil Review

Product features:

Motivated by the nature GOSH COPENHAGEN offerings a new nourishing lip oil,

Infused with a mixture of precious oils as well as a natural Nordic super active ingredient.

Lip oils are the novel beauty essential and are responsible for that perfect glossy look joined with loads of helpful ingredients. They add a hint of color and much more hydration than a lip balm.

The GOSH LIP OIL delivers perfectly conditioned as well as hydrated lips, together with the natural yet stylish look. Four shades of glossy natural

Nordic wellness. It is attractiveness in the raw.

The oils slither perfectly over your lips and melt suddenly for a radiant natural vivacious look. The lips will feel nurtured and look overwhelmingly fresh and glossy.



The GOSH lip oil texture is somewhat thicker than an oil, not quite a gel. The sea buckthorn version odors strongly of sea buckthorn (I’ve been intake a lot of sea buckthorn juice freshly so am very familiar with this super fruit). Smeared just like a gloss, the oil sinks into the lips slightly than sitting on the surface like a balm, and my lips felt instantly soothed.

GOSH Sea Buckthorn Lip Oil Review

On the other hand, the hydrating feeling didn’t last very long and within about an hour my lips sensed dry. Applying the oil two to three times a day, within two weeks the tube was completed, so not actually that budget approachable.

As a product to retain my pout moisturized, the GOSH Lip Oils didn’t fairly deliver. On the other hand used on top of lip products, I loved the pretty, wet finish that looks more sophisticated than full-on gloss. If you consider of these as a lip balm then you’ll be dissatisfied, but as a makeup item, it’s a conqueror.

My only censure is that the moisture they deliver is somewhat fleeting – I’ve worn the pink shade all day and whilst my lips feel contented and moist when I’m wearing them, I still need the normal amount of lip balm in the morning as I do if I have been wearing a matte lipstick the day before.  So be mindful that you’ll get momentary moisture whilst you wear these oils, but they won’t actually improve the condition of your lips.

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