How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Big eyes look youthful, wide awake as well as healthy. We aren’t all born with oversize peepers though, and that’s where some devious makeup tricks come into play. Here are 9 key phases to make your eyes look bigger and as attractive as possible.

Not entirely of us are born with big, bright eyes. But each girl can appear more alert and even more friendly or girlish with the help of these 9 easy makeup tips as well as tricks that make eyes look bigger. Here’s how.

How to make eyes look bigger

  1. Outline your brows. This brings consideration to and frames up the complete eye area. People will observe your eyes as bigger when more focus is put on the area nearby them.
  2. Add dimension to your crinkle. A matte, warm brown or else even a soft rose color will aid to create some dimension and make your eye pop. You may also use Urban Decay’s Laced with a minute of MAC’s Blackberry on the outer three-fourths.
  3. Insert shimmer at the inner corner of the eye. Assigning shimmer here catches the light, thus giving the presence of more open, awake eyes.
  4. Make use of light, neutral colors on the lid. Dark colors retreat, light colors bring objects onward. Placing a light color on the top gives a larger appearance to the eye area. A gumshoe like Urban Decay’s Sin looks good on everyone.
  5. Line the internal rim of the lower lid by means of a flesh-toned pencil. This generates the illusion that the whites of your eyes spread farther. You can use a white eye liner pencil for this as well, however the flesh tone looks more natural. NYX Wonder Pencil is the perfect for this.
  6. Put on mascara to lower lashes. Skip liner on the lower lash line, which finishes the eye in. Mascara is the faultless way to enhance the lower part of the eye without overdoing it.
  7. Curl your eyelashes. This is one of the firmest ways to open the figurative shutters on your eyes. Flipping your lashes upwards allows others see the whole eye area more clearly.
  8. Apply mascara to the top lashes. This is kind of a no-brainer, but certainly apply mascara after curling your lashes to describe the top lashes.
  9. Put on false lashes. You don’t have to go crazy, but a stripe of natural false lashes will bring your eyes out effortlessly. If you have a hooded eye, this is especially actual as it brings your eye out from under the brow bone visually. Ardell Natural Lash provides just enough definition without devastating the eye.How to make eyes look bigger

Extra tips

To make best use of your lid space, go for liner-free. It’s surely not a necessity, particularly if you enhance your lashes with mascara as well as false lashes. One of the ways I see eyes appear small is with over excessive liner.

When in doubt, select lighter shadow colors for a more open feel.

Eye drops can work miracles if you have allergies or persistent redness. When the whites of your eyes are bright, your skin appears tanner too!

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