Huggable Glass Review


M.A.C.’s Lip-gloss gloss is one of the brand’s best-known products, and this repetition easily earns our highest rating. Huggable Glass is packed in a standard clear plastic tube with an exclusive flat sponge-tipped wand applicator. The wand itself is a minute more flexible than most, which permits for precision application.

Huggable Glass review

When it comes to the texture, Huggable Glass is a fantasy. The cushiony, balm-like formula slithers across lips with ease and feels moisturizing as well as comfortable. That comfort lasts all through its wear time (which is about five hours, if you don’t have a meal), and leaves lips softer afterward it has worn off.

Huggable Glass starts sheer, however, is buildable to medium-to-full coverage depending on the shade (the gloomier shades build color more easily). Whereas Huggable Glass doesn’t have quite the glass-like sheen of the original Lip-gloss, it does have a lustrous finish that lasts for two hours or so previously fading to a soft shine, leaving a bright stain. Similar to most M.A.C. lip products, this does have a light vanilla scent provided by the presence of vanillin, which is not an irritation (but it is somewhat to consider if you don’t like scented lip products).

Huggable Glass review

M.A.C. Cosmetics At-A-Glance

What further can one say for this long-standing makeup line whose products have vocalized eloquently for themselves for years? In numerous ways, M.A.C. Cosmetics is an essential line not only for makeup artists but also for any in-the-know cosmetics customer. Although M.A.C. has numerous singularly outstanding products, they usually excel by virtue of the range of choices presented. The color selection for the whole thing from lipsticks to foundations is exceptional. Most of the makeup brushes are attractive, full, and soft, as well as correctly sized to fit the contours of the face and eyes.

When it comes to the skin care you may be attracted to dismiss the small assortment M.A.C. offers and skip accurate to their makeup with its well-earned positive standing. But doing so would mean missing a handful of attractively formulated products that are worth trying. By no resources is M.A.C.’s skin-care line one-stop shopping (at smallest not if you have blemishes, skin discolorations, or need more than a couple options per category), but you’ll discover more than just the color products exciting here, and the prices aren’t unreasonable either! M.A.C.’s salespeople are frequently trained makeup artists, too. This is particularly true in the freestanding M.A.C. boutiques, where the staff inclines to be true makeup artists.


Note: M.A.C. sets itself separately from other beauty brands by staying ahead of the arc by launching a seemingly-constant rotation of exciting limited edition products, usually with fashion-forward themes. Though it’s difficult to review every limited edition product, many of M.A.C.’s are as extraordinary as those in their permanent collection.

Huggable Glass review

Strengths: Some remarkable moisturizers; praiseworthy foundations in a typically gorgeous range of shades; good concealers; numerous great powder-based products including blush, bronzer, and eyeshadows in numerous finishes; dizzying array of lipstick shades in typically sumptuous formulas; numerous very good mascaras (regular and waterproof); top-notch makeup brushes; several of the Prep + Prime products work as claimed.

Weaknesses: A small number of products with high levels of potential skin irritations.

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