iMethod Eyebrow Pen – iMethod Brow Microfilling Pen, Eyebrow Pen for Hair-like Strokes, Reddish Brown

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Product Description

eyebrow peneyebrow pen

Hi Beautiful,

Will you want to spend less time getting perfect natural-looking eyebrows? iMethod 3 PRONG Eyebrow Tattoo Pen is your best choice!

Advantages as follows:

1. Anti-dry formula offers more stable usage performance.

2. Easy to color and give you the realistic hail-like strokes.

3. Long wear with smudging through sweat, rain and even water activity.

These benefits can meet all expectation and needs from an eyebrow tattoo pen and encourage a lot of makeup lovers to stay loyal to iMethod eyebrow tattoo pen!

microblading eyebrow penmicroblading eyebrow pen

eyebrow tattoo peneyebrow tattoo pen


brow penbrow pen

How To Prevent Dry

When NOT in use, keep the cap TIGHT and keep it UPRIGHT-TIP DOWN to ensure the tip can’t dry out!

For a pen version of a liquid eyebrow, ensure you always keep the lid on when you’re not using it.

Just make sure you hear the CLICK when closing the cap!

Microblade eyebrow penMicroblade eyebrow pen

Why not be better and more beautiful with iMethod Beauty?

We are always here to help!

Best regards,

iMethod Beauty Team

THE MICROFILLING LOOK MADE EASY! – iMethod Microfilling Eyebrow Pen has 3 tiny prongs, meaning every swipe draws on 3 hairs. Not only could that make things quicker, but it makes your brow application neater and gives you that microfilling effect.
SMUDGE-PROOF & LONG WEARING – The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof and long wearing to give you a 24 hour brow which is super important as no one wants to come home from the party with sweated off brows!
EASY TO USE – Simply take iMethod eyebrow pen and brush in an upwards motion at the start and middle of your brow.
IMETHOD BEAUTY TIP – Apply the iMethod brow microfilling pen on clean, dry brows. Be sure to store the pen upright with the cap securely closed for best results. Contact us directly on Amazon for a replacement or a refund if the color doesn’t match you!

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