Kailijumei Lip Gloss Review


The latest internet obsession: this jelly flower lipstick by the Kailijumei. Its stunning appearance has made many beauty enthusiasts lose sleep over it – as it’s perpetually out of stock and everyone desires to get their hands on it! This comprises many Daily Vanity readers.


What is in its ingredient list?

These are the ingredients listed: cocoa butter, stearyl alcohol, plant extract, beeswax, olive oil, candelilia wax, grapeseed oil, citric acid, lavender oil etc.

It doesn’t appear like there are anything seriously wrong about the ingredients. Most of them can be found in products intended to moisturize. The only one that you possibly have to be a bit anxious about is stearyl alcohol which is a fatty alcohol that has low toxicity. Studies show that this may cause irritation to skin, and high dosage can be poisonous and may cause cancer. Though, this ingredient isn’t a stranger to the cosmetics world. It is used as an emollient in cosmetics products and also in the hair products like shampoo and conditioner.

Kailijumei lip gloss review

The additional point of concern is that “plant extract” sounds very ambiguous, and that in its place of listing every single ingredient in the formula, it listed some and ended off with “etc.” It also doesn’t actually give a clue as to what gives it its color, what are the gold flakes made of, and so on.


How it looks

The main draw of the Kailijumei lipstick and why everybody went crazy over it was its gorgeous looks. Featuring a flower and gold crumbs encased within a clear jelly-like bullet, it prompts us of the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast.

But its good appearances ends pretty much at the bullet. For a lipstick that costs nearly I expect its overall packaging to be luxurious. But its casing looks disappointing. The box of this China-based brand comes whole with incomprehensible English description: Touching on love, extra bright lipstick, and bright surplus magical formula. To put it into viewpoint, SGD45 is more expensive than an Urban Decay vice Lipstick (SGD29). The color eventually becomes a rather bold shade of pink, particularly if you go over your lips with it for a few times. This was how it is seen on me after several swipes.

Kailijumei lip gloss review

How it smells

As you open up lipstick, you’ll notice a pleasant fruity scent to it. The scent will transmit onto your lips after application. Though, after a while, the scent becomes mixed with a not-so-pleasant stale, crayon-like fragrance. I didn’t like it at all and certainly didn’t want to keep the lipstick on during lunch as I’ll definitely be eating some of it with my food. I wiped it off but the smell stayed.


Comfort level

When I first applied it, it feels very oiling. But this feeling didn’t last. My lips rapidly felt dry and it even started peeling. I applied more of the Kailijumei lipstick in an effort to moisturize my lips but it didn’t help. My lips peeled even more. As a medicine, I cleaned off the product from my lips, exfoliated my lips mildly and applied some good ol’ lip balm.

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