Lipsurgence Lip Gloss Review


Spring just seem like to call for a new lip-gloss, doesn’t it? If you are on the stalk for a new lippie, make sure to check out the new Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss. The newest addition to the LipSurgence line is an attractive lip gloss that offers a nice balance of natural shade and hydration, and some good for you lips ingredients.  This gloss arrives in a standard tube with a wand applicator, and the doe-foot sponge is angled faintly to make application a bit easier. It slithers on with ease and feels extremely smooth going on. These ready for the spring glosses are packed with the healthy antioxidants and tons of shine, plus they are paraben-free. The formula comprises Vitamin E as an emollient and a natural preservative, and Jojoba oil to smooth lips. The stunning Tarte LipSurgence Lip Glosses ($19) plumps up lips ever so marginally, but without the sting and burn that certain other glosses have. They also aid to fight the signs of aging by flattening the look of fine lines and wrinkles, whereas hydrating dry lips.

Lipsurgence Lip Gloss Review

The formula is just right – not excessively sticky, and not too slick – which means it has about average remaining power on my lips. The applicator is oversize and at 0.27oz, the $19 price tag is sensible. They’re advertised as having a vanilla scent, but it’s feeble.

The texture of this gloss is thick that it doesn’t immediately slide off lips, but it’s certainly not too sticky or goopy. It has a high-shine finish with the medium color quality, and comes in a large range of attractive shades, containing some that leave a subtle shimmer.

This gloss is packed with the emollients, so it feels moisturizing the whole time you’re wearing it, and even while it’s faded (about four hours in, depending on whether or not you eat somewhat), your lips still feel moisturized.

The only disadvantage is the vanilla scent from the added flavor. While it does disperse quickly, it’s something to consider for those who would favor their lip glosses to be fragrance-free.



Smooth texture that isn’t excessively sticky or goopy.

Pretty, high-shine finish as well as moderate color quality in an attractive range of shades.

Feels nourishing while it’s on, and leaves lips feeling softer when it’s faded.

Lipsurgence Lip Gloss Review


Has a minor amount of vanilla fragrance.

This formula is slightly tacky which but lightweight. The finish is quite comfortable and wears for a solid four hours providing a clue of glossy shine with nice sparkling color. They aren’t totally opaque but they do have sufficient pigment to drench lips in color while giving them a hint of shine.

One of the finest benefits of the gloss is it keeps lips rather nicely softened and damp through the wear.  Generally, it’s nice to see Tarte offering more of a MAC Lip-gloss-like formula. There lip-gloss grouping is a little lacking so these new Lipsurgence Lip-glosses are a welcome adding to their attractive permanent range.

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