MAC Vamplify Lipgloss Review


MAC Vamplify Lipgloss reaches in time for fall 2015 in an array of stunning, pigmented colors ($20). MAC Vamplify Lipgloss is a new lipgloss formula infused with color-boosting technology that’s burdened with pigments. According to MAC, Vamplify is most dramatic lipgloss to date and contains natural oils such as coconut, sesame, almond and avocado to keep lips moist and hydrated through the wear.

MAC Vamlify Lipgloss has one main problem. It’s limited edition! Well, let’s face it when it comes to MAC nothing is REALLY limited edition and if Vamplify sells well I’m sure that we will see a new line up of shades in a new collection in the next numerous months. For now, you’ll have to tow these gorgeous glosses hard to keep your carried until the next round pops up!

MAC has been on a crash course of actually bad limited edition launches in my humblest. And some of the MAC magic has worn off. Vamlify redeems that problem significantly as this collection is a solid release of shiny, pigmented glosses that aren’t to be missed. These glosses are a bit costly at 0.16 oz. in size for $20 each vs. a regular Lip glass at $15 with a larger size of 0.17. If you can get off being marked off about the $5 and less product subject you’re in for a treat. These come in a long tube with a gathered slightly slanted sponge applicator for application.

The formula is significantly different compared to Lip glass. I find it denser yet looser than Lip glass with a lot less tackiness as well as stickiness. The wear is longer as well at around five hours whereas with Lip glass I can get 4 sometimes 5 hours of wear. At first swipe, you’ll acquire fully loaded color on lips but not much shine. As you figure the shine factor becomes more and more protruding and I’d say at around layer 2 to 3 you’ll have a lacquer-like finish. The colors, as assured, are loaded with pigment and deliver opaque color with a distinct application. This was the situation with all three shades I tried through the board. I not only loved the great shine finish but adored how I could get a gorgeous, full-color pucker from the shades. It’s kind of like have to wear a lipstick with your favorite gloss on top. The shine does temper off at 2-hour mark but the color remains strong for next three without transferring, feathering, flaking, or else drying out. That’s also something I loved regarding this formula, the moisture factor! I didn’t feel like the texture every become dry and it sensed pleasantly moist through the wear and my lips felt courteously hydrated.

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss is a standard offering that shows why MAC is such a beloved brand by millions. When MAC gets it wrong they get it actually wrong but when they get it right, well, they get it actually right! I think Vamplify is all right! Great texture, wonderful shine, and intense pigment.

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