When contact is made with other persons, eyes are the most important part of growing attention. The way you dress up your eyes give an impressive look to you. For a feminist and glamorous impression, eyes play the most critical role. The irresistible look can be achieved through the different type of eyes makeup. Smoky black eye makeup is one of them. If you want to get smoky appearance for your eyes, follow the below irresistible smoky-eyes tutorials that will make you look amazing and glamorous by yourself. This article follows a step-by-step approach to doing make for the smoky eyes look. This eye can be worn for any special occasion.

Prime eyelids with a primer to enhance shadow color. Eyelids can be prepared with eyelid primer, concealer, pencil, foundation, gel-based liner or cream-color product. Choose preparation tool for black smoky eyes. This will increase eye shadow`s pigment. Concealer is best for getting the immediate smoky look.  For creative look use a pencil, cream-color base or gel of a color similar to eye shadow.


Apply first eye shadow layer under brow-marrow. Deposit color on the brush and dab it on the brow bone. Stop near skin fold and blend out excessive powder for giving the softer look. Sweep towards eye when applying highlight.


Apply main eyelid black color to the lid by using the depositor brush. Dab this black color upon lid for giving enhanced color pay off for the smoky black eyes.



Follow here for layering. First layer for smoky eyes look is of a medium-tone color. Use a blender brush & deposit medium tone to brush. Start from inner eye corner towards outer corner and blend in a circular or sweeping motion

The 2nd layer is to be a medium dark black colored. Build and add depth for filling-in the crease area and blend all of the things together. The 3rd layer should be dark black eye shadow for giving more dramatic effects to lid`s outer corner.

This layer can be constructed as per crease but should not exceed the bend or crease.


To bring out smoky black eye look, use eye pencil & line the top/bottom of your eyes. Create the smoky look from outer corner & continue it on to eyelid`s bottom. Add black color over the eye pencil and smudge it on to lower lid for making it pop. For enhanced glamorous look, gel-based waterproof or liquid liner can be used. Now apply heavy mascara amount to lashes. Your smoky eyes are now ready to kill anyone in the first look. This look can be done for a night out or for any event particularly at night. Band of the lashes can also be added to eyes if needed. By practicing it, you will be able to do your smoky eyes makeup by yourself.


  • Smoky eye makeup can be difficult. Start to apply makeup to eyes & then clean-up with wipes to remove color fallen onto the skin.
  • If you have laid down base first, ensure to powder beneath the eyes by using some loose powder.