Street Style Trends from Men’s Fashion Week


Menswear 2017 Fashion Week brought us a lot of inspiration from the latest stylish runway collections and the streets. The street style was vibrant, with the fashionable civilians and visitors of London, Paris, and Milan pulling out lively hues. We have scouted the streets for the latest men’s fashion, these are as follows:


  1. Bandanas

Bandanas are the easiest street style and they are boyishly brilliant. All you will require is a humble bandana that could very well cost you a few dollars. An immediate boost to the simplest of silhouettes, cravats are playful and can be an outstanding opportunity to bring more color to your clothing if you are hesitant to rock brighter shades. A cherry red, cobalt blue or monochrome bandana will do the trick, but make sure your knots are neat.


  1. Seventies Revival

The most likable element from the seventies trend that arisen from street style was the rich color palette. Try rusty brown or rich Bordeaux as the focal point of your attires. Loose fitting button downs in tens or amber oranges are also great.


  1. White Out

White out prevailed as a favored street style trend that was bold. While most gentlemen that harnessed this trend went for more intricate oriental-inspired silhouettes, there are many simpler ways to channel elements of this trend. Team white jeans with a modest white t-shirt, but throw on an emerald baseball cap for a more stranded look. Roll up your jeans for a tranquil adaptation of the trend. Throw on some dark shades to bring more dimension to the plainness of all white.


  1. Childhood Memories

A more spirited trend that emerged from the European streets during fashion week was the original childhood references that were emblazoned on shirts, jackets as well as baseball caps alike. Gents saw this fashion week as a chance to play off youthful imagery. Astronauts, zoo animals, spacecraft’s, surfboards, and the like were the fun style declarations with references from our younger years. To combine this trend in your everyday wear, choose for boyish accessories for a simple boost to the simplest of casual pieces. Consider baseball caps, over the ankle knitted socks and young-looking prints.


  1. Statement Bomber Jackets

Attendees thought exterior of the box with the color selections of their bomber jackets at Fashion Week. Yes, black as well as navy bombers featured commonly in street style, but bolder, more vivid shades also played the main role in differentiating attendees from other guests. Light-toned emeralds and bright pinks were astonishing and were attention-grabbing. For gentlemen wanting to keep things traditional, opt for versatile colors, but ensure that your fit is youthful, and your associated pieces are streamlined.


  1. Pajama Inspired Pieces

This style is yawn inducing but in all the best ways. We can thank the attendees for displaying us that there is a perfectly reputable way to reconcile sleepwear references with our ordinary wear. Baby blue teamed with warm beige contained prominently as did striped and plaid pieces in pastel tones. Try a loose-fitting chambray shirt in a blue or a striped linen shirt for a simple combination of the trend.


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