Tom Ford Sahara Pink 03 Ultra Shine Lip Gloss reviews


A high-shine, color-saturated gloss intended to achieve bold and glamorous lips. Its smooth as well as creamy texture has high adherence and much easy comfort. It can be worn alone or else layered over Tom Ford Lip Color to insert dimension to the lips.The formula is so cushiony, tremendously moisturizing, fairly opaque as well as pigmented, low on excessive shimmer, long lasting and has just sufficient tack (though not overly sticky) that it doesn’t pool or transfer.

My Experience with the Tom Ford Sahara Pink 03 Ultra Shine Lip Gloss:

The gloss: These glosses have ananalogous vanilla scent as the lipsticks in the Tom Ford’s line. The texture is dense and opaque with a slightly sticky texture analogous to that of Bobbi Brown’s but not quite as sticky. Thesearise in a clear square shaped tube that seems to be plastic (it could be acrylic but I’m not completely sure). The applicator is a long brush which is the right length as well as of accurate thickness to apply the gloss evenly on the lips.

Tom Ford Sahara Pink 03 Ultra Shine Lip Gloss reviews

The finish: The finish is a high shine. I discover the thickness makes these last rather a long time on the lips.

The pigment: Pigment generally is rich and medium-full coverage. Sugar Pink as well as Peach Absolut are slightly sheerer with nearly a jelly-like finish, but are still rich in finish

The gloss has a gel-like consistency and it feels light on the lips.

It is a medium pigmented gloss but I discover that it still packs enough color on the lips that you can wear it deprived of a lipstick underneath. Looks actually elegant for everyday wear. People with much pigmented lips would have to wear a lip liner beneath to get the true color of the gloss. It’s not a liquid lipstick sort of pigment but pretty good that provides light coverage and nice shine to the lips.

It feels light on the lips and super hydrating. I totally love applying it ever so lightly on the top of my lipstick just to save my lips hydrated in this dry weather.

Tom Ford Sahara Pink 03 Ultra Shine Lip Gloss reviews

The gloss does not descend in the lip lines. No smearing or spreading.

It senses a bit sticky on the lips but it’s one of the slightest sticky glosses I have around with me.

The residing power is around 3 hour. I feel that’s attractive good for a gloss.

It transmissions very less.

The lip gloss has a bright vanilla fragrance but no taste.

The color is generally flattering.

The applicator is a thin brush style applicator. I find it attractive okay to use it. Since the brush is thin it is easier to work along the contours of the lips.

It originates packed in a function translucent square tube. The applicator is a brush applicator. It’s simple but with the gold and black, it gives a luxe look to the tube.

Generally, it’s one of the nicest gloss any one can have in its collection. No criticisms at all. Love it!

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