Teenagers and their obsessions are known worldwide. However, it largely varies from region to region and obviously the area from where that individual is. Possessions, obsessions, gratifications and supplications are all what these teenagers think while going through their best stage of life. In this article, we have shared top 6 obsessions of teenagers. These fascinations somehow are noticed and observed in teenagers all around the world.

  1. Obsession with a boy band:

We all go through this age when boy bands appeals us the most. It is a general obsession of teenagers. They like to hear and see boy bands singing and making moves. Is it because of hormonal changes?? Yes, it could be one of the reasons.


  1. Perfectionism:

Teenagers want their belongings to be the way they want. They are more perfectionists than adults. They believe in being attracted through perfectionism. Obviously, consensus says that they love it that way. However, there are many teenagers who are opposite of it.


  1. Password with crush’s name:

In this tender teenage, individuals have serious crushes. They put their crush’s name or initials as passwords. Wow! How cute but it is safe? Perhaps not. J


  1. Dressing up like Hermione or Anna:

We all have been obsesses with dressing in a particular way. Teenagers’ dressing is what Anna from Frozen and Hermione from HP. Is it acceptable by mothers? Yes!! They should have enough liberation to monitor themselves.


  1. Being punk:

Tattoos, piercing and going all punk is a dream of teenager. Parents go howling at them but they don’t listen. It is alright to let these kiddos function on their own way.


  1. Mobile jewelry:

It is such an obsession that every teenage girl goes for it. They think it is the coolest way to show their cuteness and attraction towards cell phones. Hanna Montana and such public figures are put as a mobile jewelry.

All in all, these top 6 obsessions of teenagers are universally known. They are lifetime obsessions at times.