Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Review


Ultra Plush Lip Gloss feels buttery as well as balm-like as it glides onto lips, leaving sheer color and modest shine. The silky texture of this gloss is magnificently thin and smooth—which means it feels great on, however, slips off in less than an hour—and needs frequent reapplication to maintain its moisturizing feel.

The six shades range from the pearly rose to vibrant coral, each of which is inspired by and termed after one of Benefit’s matching Box O’ Powders (Hoola, Sugarbomb, etc.). Since the pigments in the shades are sheer, even the brightest shade, Coralista, is workable for nearly all skin tones. Dandelion and Bella Bamba are especially pretty. The glosses finish do diverge here and I did my best to clarify them above but for the most part they range from a sheer to medium sheer color pay off. I consider Dallas, Coralista, and Sugarbomb verifies the most pigmented of the six if you’re snooping which have the best color payoff.

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss review

Now the formula is lovely! It does live up to its name in the fact that it has a plush bouncy feel on the lips. It’s thick but not so dense that it ends up too tacky or sticky. It has a slippery texture with a minor silicone-y feel and a moisturizing, glossy finish. The finish isn’t terribly shiny but glossy enough to be noticeable. I discover they wear very easily but they aren’t so lightweight that you can’t tell them around, they make themselves identified if you know what I mean but not in a bad way. Wear time is a little dubious here but you can perhaps get two or three hours before they slip and fade away.

Generally, Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Glosses are brilliant. I demand they had a little more pigmented but even with a sheerer color payoff they still approval their box of powder namesakes very kindly so pairing up a shade with your favorite box of powder is a complete win. Each gloss is $16 each and comprises 0.5 oz. of gloss. The boxes and tubes are adorned in the same print and font as the boxed blushes which I found completely darling.

The glosses are divided into two finishes so you acquire some without shimmer and some with it. Coralista, Bella Bamba, as well as Dallas, are all shimmer free whereas Hoola, Dandelion and Sugarbomb do contain hints of sparkle.

Dallas and Coralista are an opaque creamy-like finish with the Bella Bamba having more of a transparent one. Hoola and Dandelion have a clue of sparkle but both apply with very little pigment and come across uncovered. And lastly, Sugarbomb has a nice bit of tint and sparkle.

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss review


Dandelion (soft shimmer nude pink)

Bella Bamba (sheer watermelon)

Hoola (shimmering bronze nude)

Sugarbomb (shimmering pink mauve nude)

Coralista (creamy bright coral)

Dallas (creamy dusty rose)



Comfortable buttery texture.

Six universally gratifying, sheer shades.



Needs constant reapplication to sustain color and shine.

Very fragranced.

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