Casual Shoes For Men


Penny Loafers

What used to be mentioned too as the “official shoe” of preps worldwide is now street-style accepted for all guys to rock—not just bros in polos. This kind of loafer features a leather strap crossways the top, complete with a slit (frequently in the shape of a diamond) big sufficient to hold a coin (hence the name). It’s a simple design that is the epitome of versatility; penny loafers can wear to summer weddings, whereas running errands around the city, and each other casual summer occasion in between. That flexibility extends to all pants types too—from chinos, jeans, and casual.


Tassel Loafers

A design that you’d perhaps expect to see on your Ivy League granddad’s feet, the tassel loafer has been resuscitated to become a footwear staple in the casual menswear shoe game. It’s fundamentally a standard loafer, meaning a laceless, low-cut shoe having a separate sole—just with the accumulation of a tassel that hangs off the tongue. This kind of shoe is made for the summer, so if you’re hitting up a barbecue or a casual night out, you’re decent to go. For best consequences, remember to pair your tassel loafers with some fixed pants and ditch the socks.


Desert Boots

Desert boots have become one of the more prevalent boot styles in recent menswear history. A frivolous construction and all-day comfort may have somewhat to do with that. It’s a flexible shoe type that can be worn three out of the four seasons, inserting the perfect element of smart casual to your wardrobe. A simple, shoe with lots of color options, the desert boot will not ever go out of style, and it has the probability to quickly becoming your go-to shoes for daily wear.

Casual Shoes for men


The changeability of a shoe goes right out the window if it doesn’t appear good. Fortunately, the chukka delivers on both faces with a minimalist design that can be dressed up or down to accord with any casual outfit. A shoe that has origins on the polo ground has become a footwear classic that has resisted the test of time.


Oxford Shoes

The oxford may be a dress shoe by description, but you may as fine throw out rule book as the popularity of the shoe style from an antique perspective has propelled it from the prep school campus to the front of casual footwear in recent times. The British-inspired plan has been reimagined as an American staple that works on numerous levels. Contrary to popular misapprehension, every lace-up shoe is NOT an oxford. Not like a Derby shoe, which is almost identical except for its open front, the oxford stands out for its fastened lacing system—a feature that gives itself nicely to clean, minimalist wear.


Derby Shoes

To the inexpert eye, the Derby has “dress shoe” written all over it. But don’t allow that basic thought process fool you into trusting that these aren’t worthy of your next street-style photo-op. Throw these on with a couple of tapered or rolled-up pants and you’ll observe what we mean. (The style is parallel to oxford shoes excluding with an open-faced lacing system).

Casual Shoes for men

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