Fashion Inspiration and the Internet

When I was in my teens, browsing through different teen fashion magazines was a hobby. My mother used to do the same thing with her endless supply of fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire. I even used to swap my magazines with my friends and try to copy the designs. But it was a huge effort and obviously I had to take out the money from my allowances. The other option was to go to the Mall with my friends and window shop; but that was only possible during the weekends as otherwise I was not allowed to stay outside till late.

Things changed with the arrival of the internet. While I still enjoy window shopping, I can get my fashion inspiration through different websites and blogs present on the internet without having to spend any extra money. Whether it is clothes or shoes or even bedding inspiration for my house, the internet has become my best friend.

Here is a list of those websites which I find to be really inspiring and keep me up to date with the latest fashion scene.

  • Pinterest

Pin boards are an important part of every workplace and many homes. With Pinterest, the pin board has also been digitalized ad yes it is indeed one of the most popular social media websites especially among women. Women from all over the world are on Pinterest and they simply pin their favorite fashion ideas on their digital boards. You can simply follow those boards which seem really aspiring to you. Leading fashion magazines, designers and different brands also have their own boards and are an easy source of inspiration whether it concerns clothing, hair styles, bag, shoes, make up, home décor, recipes and lots of other things.

  • Look Book

Have you ever imagined yourself wearing a particular outfit which you like and thinking that how you would actually look while wearing it? LookBook is the perfect website for this purpose. Its members post pictures of different dresses and you can save them easily in your own account and refer to them for style inspiration anytime of the year. You can post a picture of wearing a particular dress you are not sure about and immediately get fair responses from the members.

  • Harper Bazaar

Harper Bazaar is one of the best websites for fashion inspiration. It is run by professional stylists who keep their website updated with the latest trends in fashion. So, whether you are a teenager, a mom, a working woman or an entrepreneur, this website has got all the latest information regarding style along with photographs.

  • The Sartorialist

This website is run by fashion photographer Scott Schuman. The best thing about this website is that Schuman uploads the pictures of the fashion of everyday people which he captures on the internet. The photographs are so perfect that they seem as if they are right out of a fashion magazine. Since the people captured are just like you and me, you are bound to find fashion inspiration in every picture.