Hair styles for short silky hair

Short hairstyles are daring styles for any women. Short hairstyles were first introduced by an American lady and then this thing became a trend. Women with silky hair look more attractive than those with curly ones. Short hairstyles today cover a wide range of hairstyles for females including bob, curly, bangs etc. These hairstyles are adopted by not only celebrities but also by a general public. New hairstyles for short silky hair are introduced which become popular. These short hairstyles can be for round, long or any face structure. You just need to choose the right style that suits your face. Short hair styles work equally for both thin and thick hair.  Have a look at some of the latest hairstyles for short silky hair that could make you look more beautiful and give a different and elegant look you have never experienced before.


This hairstyle perfectly gives a stylish and easy to maintain spring makeover. It is bleached blonde that grows out and needs re-touching but still it’s a great hairstyle to try. The latest look of this asymmetrical style starts off with the darker roots which means that color refresh can be spaced out much longer as it is a 2-tonne design.


This is a casual and natural looking wavy reddish style that gives a beautiful and gorgeous blend of colors. Anyone who has been growing hair from shortcuts, this hairstyle is a lovely one. It is full of elegant personality & offers a different look than ordinary hairstyles.


This hairstyle is for all who want attention without any hours to be spent for complicated styles. It shows a trend to windswept look by giving a unique hairstyle with interesting texture and movement.


Fabulous looking thick hairs are a style from bouffant cuts. This is a completely glamorous, new and different stylish look. This bouffant haircut is a cheeky pixie-style on the shorter side. Back of this hairstyle shows an effortless blend of shorter layers in the neck`s nape. The longer side of this style is, however, full of color, shape, movement, and texture.


These are casual bob styled hairs that are among most popular trends this year. These bob styles do not remain same, but this one is loaded with a modern look with oversized sunglasses and floral muti colored dress. For those ladies who love patterned and bright colored clothes, this is a simple style that gives the great look to you.


Boy cuts hair styled are perfectly suited to girls who hate following any rules. This picture shows a close and clipped daring look that perfectly show off smooth and girlish complexion. This radical style haircut gives a sharp look.


This is a casual hairstyle that complements eyes and fair skin-tone. Side parting in this hairstyle creates sweeping up-to-minute long fringes draping sexily over one eye and flicking up lightly for accentuating well-defined cheek bones. With plenty of volume and width, this bob hairstyle is an excellent style to balance out a long-face shape.