Jewelry Trend 2007


  1. Bold 1980s reversion earrings are back in a BIG way.

Randi Molofsky says: “Big is certainly better when it comes to these statement stunners, whether it’s a solitary ear dangle, polished gold door-knockers, or else larger-than-life hoops.”


  1. Modern takes on enamel give unexpected pops of color.

Long related with the antique jewelry—and difficult, fragile methods such as plique-à-jour—enamel acquires a modern spin in the coming year with the jewels featuring bold colors as well as simple stripes and solids, speaks Molofsky, adding: “make use of an accents for the rich yellow gold, this antique technique is in use over again.”

“Used for the years in high-end jewelry and collectible substances, enamel has become more popular, to add extra color and texture,” speaks Elizabeth Bonanno, a New York City–based jewelry advisor who represents a mix of hot stylists including Buddha Mama, Victor Velyan, as well as Pamela Huizenga. “It’s taken as the public a miniature to squeeze this artistic expression, but I don’t see this chic going away anytime soon.”


  1. Pearls explode!

Bonanno approves: Battling pearls’ full-figured image, “designers are assertive themselves to discover an edgy way to attire these gemstones. With some of the envelope-pushing designers providing us pearls in their most recent collections, I’d say they’re captivating the war!” Doryn Wallach ring in 18k satin gold with the bezel-set freshwater pearls.


  1. Charm necklaces are new collectible jewelry.

“People are unique their uniqueness on a necklace,” Bonanno says. “An additional charm or two to any chain directly tells your story. It’s also a way to wear several diverse designers’ works on one piece.”


  1. Have a heart.

Like a lot of women, I’ve struggled heart-shaped jewelry because, well, it slaps of little girls. To my chagrin, the market has unsuccessful to introduce heart designs that feel urbane enough for big girls to attire with pride. Until now. “The style is rapidly back and has transcended its cheesy connotation,” Molofsky says. “Whether [with] heart-shaped diamonds and stained gems or pave-set motifs, love will discover a way.”

  1. Geometry class is back in session.

It’s problematic to say why tastes in stone shape diverge year to year, but you know they do. The year onward feels angular, as opposed to curvy as well as round, and that feeling plays out in stone silhouettes.

“Facets are fine, but this year’s attention is all about the shape—exactly, sharp angles like hexagons, octagons, rhombi, as well as trapezoids,” Molofsky says. “Sparkle becomes closely secondary, particularly when set in yellow gold bezels.” Look for the sharp angles in diamonds this year, like these Erika Winters Estella bar earrings with the rectangular French-cut diamonds.


  1. Minimalism redux.

If you haven’t overheard of Marie Kondo and her 2014 anti-clutter manifesto, The Life-Changing Mystic of Tidying Up, you’re in the minority. Her attitude—that unexpected joy comes with streamlining your life—articulates one of 2017’s biggest lifestyle styles, and you can expect the jewelry sector to reflect it.

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