Kevyn Aucoin ‘The Lip Gloss’ Swatches


Truly, if makeup brands were given a sexiness score stretching from 1-10 with 10 being the highest, Kevyn Aucoin gets an 11. From the products customers tried Sensual Skin Enhancer, The Cream Blush, The Volume Mascara, Celestial Bronzing Veil, and The Pure Powder Glow—they completely were blown away and they’re all astonishing products that’ll please the cheapest of beauty junkies.

Cloudaine Elegant Lip Gloss is a potted lip gloss ($27.00) that goes on sheerly, but it does deliver some color–it not really a lip balm, however it looks a bit like one. It has a glossy, lip gloss feels when you’ve broken through the top layer. It does come with a covetable lip brush, which creates the value go up a bit since I do discover the price tag a bit steep for this sort of a product. It is a soft, sheer milky pink with the multicolored shimmer and a fair quantity of glossiness. It’s a very wearable shade–great for every day. I’m, individually, not a big fan of potted lip balms or glosses, as it requires usage of a brush if you need to avoid bacteria and the ick-factor.

So a pair of weeks ago I was looking Space NK and stopped dead in my paths when I passed the Kevyn Aucoin display. My eyes closely paired up the bright shades of The Cream Blush (which I appraised here) and the nude-y glosses. Moreover, a coral cheek and red lip, pairing a bright cheek and nude lip are one of my top favorite color combos. As a nude lip can tend to swab one out, one can counter this with a cheerful cheek. A courageous eye will also do in lieu of the bright cheek or you can have at it and do together.

The doe-foot applicator is more curved than most, which aids to add color to the bottom lip or else Cupid’s bow. It has a gummy feel at first, but because of the oils it’s filled with for moisturizing aids, it melts into your lips and you’re not missing with that stick-factor. Accessible in 20 shades.


NEOTITIANA: a tan shimmer

PEONNE: a warm pink shimmer

ABSINTHIA: a bronze shimmer

I’d say these have an average opacity—depending on the natural hue of your lips (if yours are much pigmented, ponder blotting them with concealer to counteract them) you’ll get decent color payoff. These aren’t that kind of glosses where everything is so pure and shimmery you can’t express the difference from one color or else another.


The opaque, high-shine shades promptly add color to your lips, and they accomplish to stay put for an hour or two if you’re swallowing or eating. Price and where to purchase: $30 at Nordstrom (plus 3% cash back when you utilize eBates); Bergdorf Goodman (plus 4% cash back what time you use eBates); Barney’s (plus 2.5% cash back when you utilize eBates); Neiman Marcus (and more 4% cash back when you use eBates)

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